Norwood Sports Center – Norwood

Candlepin Bowling, a New England phenomenon. For those of us who didn’t grow up here, who even knew this existed? Well, it does! And it’s everywhere! And its fantastic for kids and their little hands! No more stretching your fingers to hold a giant bowling ball or searching the bowling alley for the right weight.

Norwood Sports Center is nothing fancy – the typical old fashion bowling alley from the 1970s. However, its clean inside and well kept up. Bowling here is a steal as well! After renting your $1 shoes, you can choose to put bumpers up on your lane or play the standard way.

They have electronic scoring but you still have to count the pins and know what you are doing. There are two floors of bowling lanes and an arcade as well in the space. (No photos of the arcade as I wouldnt let our kids in.)

Things to know:

  • I dont believe they have any food
  • Cash only
  • Wear socks

How to get there:

65 Cottage St E

Norwood MA 02062

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