Monster Mini Golf – Norwood, MA

We entered the dark building into an arcade. We were told that because there was a birthday party there thay day, there was a 2 hour wait for mini golf. Say what? Regardless, we put our names in and headed to the arcade to kill some time.

The arcade is nothing really much to speak of. Certainly, not big enough for a visit of its own. To kill a half hour before mini golf though? It works. There were a few games that our little ones could play, which we proceeded to play over and over again to get tickets. Yes, the infamous spend a fortune to win tickets to buy penny junk scenario.

Finally, after not too long, our name was called and off to the golf course we went. It was my 5 year olds first time playing mini golf. There are black lights and glow in the dark walls, artwork and monster/dinosaur statues everywhere. It was 18 holes, but nothing too big or crazy so didn’t take long to get through. The loudest, most pulsating music ever was played over the speakers, as the announcer made a big deal about the birthday kid there that day.


Eventually, my kids complained it was too loud in there and we hurried up the last few holes and went on our way. It’s a neat concept and certainly a good way to spend a family afternoon in the dead of winter. I bet older kids get a kick out of it all. For my family though, it may be a few more years until we head back on over.

How to get there:

1560 Boston-Providence Turnpike

Norwood, MA 02062

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