Goldfish Swim School – Norwood
We have been taking swim lessons for years now. Usually, my least favorite part of the week as I walk through the humid pool, having to change my wet kids out of bathing suits in a gross changing room with a wet floor and naked women surrounding me. (Can you tell the OCD in me is coming out?)
I heard about a brand new swim school for children and was allured by the thought of new, clean changing rooms. Little did I know the rest of the magic that this place had. Goldfish swim school makes swim lessons much less painful for both kids and adults.
The facility is beautiful, decorated as if you were in Hawaii, with thatched umbrellas and palm trees. There is a separate, private changing room for each person so that you don’t have to drag your 5-year-old son into the ladies locker room. They keep it meticulous and even have a mirror with hair dryers to primp yourself afterward.
We scheduled back to back classes for my kids. Luckily, there is a coloring area for the child waiting, as well as a corn hole game in the main waiting area. My kids also enjoy looking in the prize bin after class for a new goldfish tattoo or rubber ducky to add to their collection.
The actual swim class is great, with a max of 4 students in each class. There are platforms in the pool so that kids can stand halfway through a lap as they are just learning and a bit fearful still. Lifeguards throughout and friendly and encouraging staff. My kids come home each time with a ribbon that they earned, saying something like “Im a great kicker” or “I can float on my back like a sea otter.”
After they shower and wash their hair in the open showers, we change and buy a special candy from the candy bar for $.25 cents. All in all, they turned swim lessons from a screaming fest for both mom and kid to a fun activity for all. Even better? The viewing area for parents is behind a glass window so you don’t have to sit in the 90-degree heat while you wait.
We have also gone to the free swim they have available on the weekends and had a blast.
How to get there:
128 Carnegie Row
Norwood, MA 02062

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