The Dream Machine – Walpole, MA

There is not much worthy of venturing inside the Walpole Mall for, but one such exception is the infamous Dream Machine arcade. A fun, old fashioned arcade full of all the standard games – skee ball, wack a mole, driving games, shooting games, dancing games, etc…

My kids love playing whatever will give them the most amount of tickets to buy the most amount of tiny crap possible. We’ve been to a few birthday parties here as well, which are awesome. They are very reasonable for the host and give all of the kids unlimited play of the games – allowing them to amass quite the array of tickets.

There are a few toddler rides outside the arcade and a Papa Ginos nearby for birthday parties.

All in all, a great place to kill some time on a gross day.


How to get there:

Walpole Mall

90 Providence Hwy

East Walpole, MA 02032

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