ROAD TRIP: Legoland Discovery Center – Somerville, MA

Our staycation was coming to an end for school vacation week but we had one more day to fill with fun. I had heard about Legoland in Boston but thought that my kids might not be old enough for it yet. Well, I was wrong.

Legoland is like nothing else I have seen in Boston. It is a cross segment between discovery science museum, indoor playspace, amusement park and movie theater. Entirely indoors, it offers 2 amusement park type rides, a 4D cinema with a variety of different shows, a variety of different themed Lego play and build areas and an indoor playground area to climb on.

You pay one admission and everything inside is included (except food.)  When you walk inside, you walk into a room that introduces you virtually to the Legoland factory and allows each child to build their own virtual mini figure. Each child is given a Duplo lego to take with them as a souvenir. You then walk through a Miniland of Boston, which quite honestly I thought was amazing.  The miniland is shown in both daylight and night and allows you to interact with it in various ways as well.

You can them either hop on the Kingdom Quest carriage ride to shoot some monsters or head into the main area. It is pretty much one large open area with wings off of the main area. There is a Ninjago and Space area with a laser hop game, a Lego friends area, a Duplo area for little ones with a slide, a flying Merlin apprentice ride, an earthquake testing area, and a really neat area that you can build a racecar and then race it.

The 4D movie was great too! Both kids loved it. We took a break for some food at the cafe and then the kids were off again. There is also a master lego academy building room and a birthday party room.

All in all, a great place for all aged kids! Both my 3 yr old, my 6 yr old, and my friend’s 10-year-olds had a fun time. We will definitely go back again!

Few things to note:

  • the cafe does not have much of a selection – really just a few plain sandwiches to choose from
  • kids should wear socks for the indoor playground area (you have to take off your shoes)
  • there are some lockers but no real place to leave coats and such
  • if you buy your tickets online ahead of time, you can get the best deal
  • free garage parking!
  • fun area to walk around in Assembly Square to eat and shop afterward

How to get there:

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center
598 Assembly Row
Somerville, MA 02145

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