Carousel Family Fun Center – Whitman, MA

It was school vacation week, in the dead of winter, I was running out of ideas. Ice skating was a good stanby option but the thought of putting on snow pants, helmets, gloves, hats, warm socks, lacing up those skates and heading out with two little ones on the ice was just too much for me. Then a friend suggested rollerskating!

This place is literally out of the 1980’s, but surprisingly really nice and clean. The skating rink is huge and wasn’t too crowded when we were there for public skate. We rented roller skates (you can choose to rent rollerblades as well) for the kids and I brought my 1989 rollerskates with me that my mom dropped in our basement when they sold the house. Lucky for me they still fit! We rented two rolling walkers to help the little ones out and off we went!

Kids had a blast! My 6 year old picked it up pretty fast, while I had to stay with the 3-year-old, holding onto him and the walker for dear life the entire time. After about an hour, he started to get the hang of it and we went rolling around and around and around (with me still behind him.) After about an hour, the DJ piped up running freeze dance games and sing alongs with the kids, prizes included! He announced $.50 cent hoodsie cups and off we went to take a break.

There is an arcade and snack bar on the side of the rink as well. Overall, it was a great way to spend an afternoon with friends!

Few things to note:

  • you can rent a locker if you have two quarters but don’t bring too much in because there is nowhere to really put it
  • you can bring your own skates/blades if you want
  • They have a great “Learn to Skate” class for little ones – check schedule
  • it’s great physical activity for the kids! (and adults too!)

How to get there:

1055 Auburn Street

Whitman, MA 02382


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