Puppet Showplace Theatre – Brookline, MA


We were recently invited to a birthday party from some old friends in Brookline. Until then, we had never checked out this treasure of a place. This place is a rarity – professional old school puppetry, entertaining for kids of all ages. The theatre hosts over 300 shows from across the country and also brings these shows to libraries, schools and cultural centres. They take puppetry seriously and are dedicated to reviving this art form.

The show we saw was a one man show. You could see the actual man and realize that these were merely puppets on his hands. What was amazing though was what he could do with his puppets. He brought an entire story, scene and characters alive using different voices, puppets, and scenery. Both kids were enthralled by the show. He presented two different shows which each had a unique message. At the end of the show, the puppeteer showed the kids the mystery behind the puppets.

It was a great activity to show the kids another art form, while also educational.

Few things to note:

  • metered parking
  • they offer great birthday party packages (you can have snacks and cake in the lobby)

How to get there:

32 Station Street

Brookline, MA 02445

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