Luke Adams Glass Blowing Studio – Norwood, MA

It was my husband’s birthday and I was looking for a fun and different place to take him without the kids. I stumbled upon a Groupon for a glass blowing class and thought I would give it a try. They have the option of a 1-hour class or 3-hour class. We chose the 3-hour class which allowed us to make two unique pieces of glass.

There was one other couple part of our class which made it very nice and intimate. Our teacher was great, incredibly patient and trusting as he worked one on one with each of us and our molten hot glass. We took turns with the instructor as we made our pieces. We got to choose at the beginning exactly what we wanted to make. You could choose between a Paperweight, Ornament, Pumpkin or a 6″ Garden Ball Ornament as the first piece. For the second piece, we chose from Tall Tumbler, Scalloped Bowl, Vase, 2nd Pumpkin or a Footed Bowl.

The class started with getting hot glass on our stick (Im sure there is a fancier name for it). From there, we constantly spun the hot glass to keep it rolling around the stick. We added color pieces of our choosing and then began the molding process. Depending on what you were making, whether it was hollow or not, depended on how much blowing you had to do. It is actually your partner that blows into the stick for you as you continue to turn it.

It was a really neat process to learn and a fascinating art form. The teacher was incredibly knowledgeable and even helped with requests of adding bubbles, a spout, etc.. The only disappointing thing from the day is that after you create the piece, it immediately goes into a cooling device to slowly cool it down. You then go the next day to pick it up. So much fun to see how it came out though!

Few things to note:

  • color is extra from the class price
  • they upcharge you on a few extra things as well/shapes, etc
  • bring water – its long and incredibly hot – its basically just in a warehouse garage
  • it’s hot, let me reiterate hot  – like burn the hair off your arm hot
  • they also do jewelry making and parties

How to get there:

416 Lenox St

Norwood, MA

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