Booth Playground & Tennis – Foxboro, MA

My husband loves to play tennis. However, with two young kids, it doesnt happen often. Recently. I decided to ask around for tennis courts that had playgrounds in viewing distance/next door. I was pleasantly surprised that I recieved a number of places to check out so off we went.

The Booth Playground and tennis courts are a great place to spend a morning. There are two courts to play tennis. On a beautiful Sunday morning, both courts were open for play. There is actually an enclosed hockey rink and a skate park in the area as well. Lucky for us, right next to the tennis courts, were two beautiful playgrounds. One for bigger kids and one for smaller. The kids were able to entertain themselves for awhile, giving my husband and I some time to hit the ball.

The place was part of Foxboro Recreation and there was even a porta potty on the premises (score!) The kids played a few rounds with us, ran to the playground, were ball boy/girl, ran back to the playground and all in all – it was a great time for all. When we were done playing tennis, we took the kids to yet another playground up the hill at the neighboring school.

Few things to note:

  • While this is not technically school property and can be accessed during the day, it is NOT available during the week in the summer’s due to the rec dept’s camp program

How to get there:

80 South Street

Foxboro, MA

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