Trapeology – Boston, MA

My birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something fun and new with my husband and friends. I decided it was time to try the new fad of escape rooms. I did a little research and found what was supposed to be the best one in Boston, Trapeology. There were two games to choose from at the time; the Hustler and the Drunk Tank.

We decided on drunk tank and before we knew it, me and 9 of my closest friends were handcuffed together and locked up in a prison cell. We were locked in, left to explore the cell to look for clues and escape. At first, we weren’t quite sure what to do or where to look. There was a real bunk bed with mattress and sheets, toilet, writing on the wall, desk, notepad, pen etc in the cell. I won’t go into too much detail as to not give it away but basically you have exactly one hour to figure out the puzzle and escape.

There is a camera watching you with a computer that talks to you and allows you three hints along the way.  Let’s just say this was made by a true puzzlemaster. It was insanely complicated and intricate and even though they showed us everything at the end, I still don’t think i could go back and do it. BUT don’t let that discourage you because we had the time of our life in that hour! I’m not sure exactly how far we got but if I had to guess, Id’ say we were 60% of the way there. Ok, maybe that’s a bit high…

All in all, a barrel of laughs and so much fun.

Few things to note:

  • 10 is the max number of people allowed in the room
  • you need to make reservations ahead of time
  • photos were not allowed to be taken in the actual cell
  • there is a red emergency button if you need to get out

How to get there:

177 Tremont St. 2nd floor.

Boston, MA 02111

(857) 285-2085


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