Stonehill College Nature Trail – Easton, MA

We were looking for a new place to explore and found out about a nature trail at Stonehill College. We packed up some snacks and water for the little ones and headed out on another adventure. We parked by the local elementary school, followed the road at the end towards the tennis courts and crossed the road over to the Shrine. Yes, you heard that right. There is an outdoor Shrine at the start of the nature trail – a sure way to know you have found the right spot.

We checked out the well-marked map and headed on our way with two three-year-old boys. The boys immediately picked out some walking sticks to help them along the route but were soon sidetracked by the various teepees built along the trail. The boys tested out each of the teepees to see which was best and we eventually ushered them on the way. We made it a mission to see who could find the next sign first.

The trail is lined with signs to let you know which way to go, how far you have gone and tell you a bit about the animals and plants in the area. There were lots of rocks to climb, bugs to spot, birds to hear and things to explore along the way.

One of the kids’ favorite parts was the random cluster of flowering rhododendron in the center of the forest. They formed somewhat of a tunnel for us to duck through with a variety of colors.

I’m not sure how far the hike actually is, maybe about a quarter of a mile, but it is a loop and can easily be done in a half hour without stopping. If you have two little boys with you and a bad sense of direction, it could take a little longer. The boys did the entire thing themselves though!

How to get there: (near 360 Washington St (Moreau Hall))

Stonehill College

Washington St, (Rt 138)

North Easton, MA

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