Massapoag Trail – Sharon, MA

We tend to go to the Ames Street Playground in Sharon quite a bit. The other day, the kids decided they wanted to see what was past the fence of the playground. If you go towards the big kid side of the playground, you will notice a gap in the fence on the right. This gap actually leads to a beautiful pond with ducks to watch, as well as the Massapoag Trail.

The kids were done with the playground for a bit and we decided to go on an adventure hike and see where the trail took us. The kids loved that the trail had wood boardwalks to walk on throughout. We journeyed along the path and eventually found our way right to Lake Massapoag. The kids thought it was “awesome” to walk through the woods to the lake. We spent some time enjoying the beautiful surroundings and then headed back down the sidewalk to our car.

It was a fun adventure for the kids to feel like explorers. Kudos to the Boy Scouts for keeping up the trail!

How to get there:

Behind Ames Street Playground

Sharon, MA

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