Pequisit Farm – Canton, MA

The sun has finally started to shine and let us outside again. We were looking for a new local place to check out. We happened to stumble upon Pequisit Farm to spend an afternoon. Pequisit is a large farm/park, 33 acres to be exact, right in the heart of Canton.  The property has acre after acre of wide open lawn to run, some shaded walking trails, and sports fields galore. There is also a nice playground, picnic area complete with fireplace, and community garden plots.

On the same property sits an old colonial era house that can be rented out for functions, as well as an old colorful eclectic barn. This barn/park is a favorite for professional photographers. I also hear this is a favorite place for weddings! I can see why.

It was very quiet while we were there; one other boy on the playground, a woman walking her dog and an older couple gardening. Very peaceful and beautiful place.

Few things to note:

  • when we were there, they had porta potties near the playground
  • water fountain near the playground as well
  • playground has no shade

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