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My daughter and I like to have girl days together. I thought it might be fun to take her to a ceramic place and pick something out to paint. Despite all of the breakable items, Ceramics a la Carte is actually a great place for kids! My daughter was excited to pick out a dolphin of her very own to paint and keep in her room. While we were there, I also had her paint two items to give to her grandparents as gifts. These were quite the hit! What more could a mom, dad or grandparent want than a homemade piece of art from a child?

I have also been there other times without kids to create a mosaic piece with some girlfriends and custom ordered a beautiful ceramic bowl that was later imprinted with children’s thumbprints to give as a gift to their teacher. It’s a great and reasonably priced place for children’s birthday parties as well. They even offer canvas painting parties!

My daughter has been to a number of birthday parties here for canvas painting and I’m impressed with the process. They give each kid a pre drawn canvas, as well all the colors they will need to paint it and then step by step instruct the kids on where to paint what. This makes it possible for even a 5 year old to leave feeling proud of the art they created.

All in all, a very fun place to create something of your very own. Whether it be something with your babys’ handprints, something with your child’s name or just something special for yourself, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon or find a gift for a loved one!

Things to know:

  • For most things, you can just drop in and paint
  • There is a studio fee on top of the price of the piece that you pick
  • If you are painting ceramics, it needs to go in the kiln so plan ahead, you will need to come back to pick it up

How to get there:

95 Washington Street, Suite 502
Canton, MA 02021

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