Small Singers and Shakers – Mansfield, MA

My kids love music, especially my two year old.  As soon as he could sit up, I signed us up for a mommy/baby music class.  We started off testing out a few different classes and eventually found our way to Small Singers and Shakers.  Miss Stacy is a former early childhood teacher and current mom of two girls.  She has been singin’ and shakin’ for 9 years and has a genuine love for music and young children.  We originally signed up for the class because my son really enjoys playing the guitar and I thought it might be nice for him to see his music teacher play guitar too.

I usually describe this class as your typical music class, turned up 10 notches.  Miss Stacy is FULL of energy, enthusiasm, spirit and music – and all at 9:30 am in the morning!  She is non stop fun and never ceases to amaze us for what she will pull out next.  She brings out 50 stuffed fish for a swimming song, 50 rubber duckies for a duck song, shaker eggs to make it rain, sticks to pound and row your boat, things to dance with and so much more! She has the kids jumping up and down like monkeys, playing head, shoulders, knees and toes and even breaks out the parachute on some days. Towards the end of class, she brings out every instrument known to man kind and lets the kids have a jam session.  When that’s over, she calms everyone down with “You are my sunshine” and closes out with stickers for all.

My son absolutely loves this class and waits all week for his morning of music.  We have also seen Miss Stacy perform at the library, a nursery school Open House and a birthday party and she is always fabulous! Whether its her class of 14 kids or a room of 50 – she brings the party!  She even wrote a personal song about the birthday boy and sang it to him that day.

If you give it a go, let her know that Lisa at Life South of Boston sent ya! You’ll love it!

Few things to note:

  • very reasonable prices compared to others
  • you can make up a class if you miss it
  • she runs the program out of her house

How to get there:

2 Donovan Lane

Mansfield, MA

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