Hollis Playground – Braintree, MA

My son and I recently stopped at a playground in Braintree on our way back from a shopping trip to Hingham.  We had heard there was a beautiful new playground there to check out and they were right!  The playground was entirely fenced in with numerous benches, picnic tables and garbage cans for parents.  There was even a water fountain to fill up those water bottles on a hot day!  My son went off and running to check out the various structures.  They had one structure for toddlers, another for older kids and a really great rocking boat for handicapped children.

We tested out each of the swings – baby, big kid and handicapped and you’ll be happy to know they all work perfectly  My son was kind enough to test out all of the slides as well.  His favorite piece of the playground, however, was the rocking boat.  It’s literally just two benches and a table on a rocking platform but all of the kids seemed to flock to this.  The kids decided to get together to pretend they were on a real ship and one manned the steering wheel, one the periscope and the other boy pretended he was fishing outside the boat.  I loved seeing all the kids play together and use their imaginations.

There was plenty of shade options while we were there.  Each structure was covered with a roof and there were trees about as well.  All in all, they did a really nice job building this playground.  Small, clean, contained but plenty to entertain kids of all ages.

Things to note:

  • large free parking lot
  • covered in wood chips
  • I didn’t see any restrooms

How to get there:

480 Washington St.

Braintree, MA

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