Teleford Park – Plainville, MA

On our never ending quest to find new fun playgrounds, we found ourselves in Plainville one day.  We heard there was a new bookstore that opened and a playground nearby so we decided to check it all out.  More on the bookstore here.

Just down the road from the bookstore, we stumbled upon a playground and pool on the property of Plainville recreation.  The playground was pretty large with a variety of large play structures for different ages.  The standard slides, bridges, swings, fire poles – but all in great condition, fenced in and partly in shade. This part was huge for us since it has been in the 90’s most of the summer and the sun prevents us from being outside for too long.  My husband and I sat at a picnic table under a tree and had a full view of both kids having fun.

After testing out the playground, we headed outside of the fence on a Story Walk.  We read the story of “In the small, small pond.” It was short and sweet and gave the kids a fun fact about each of the animals and an activity/exercise to do along the way.  The kids had fun running to the next sign and jumping up and down like frogs.  From there, we went to check out the bridge and hiking trails through the forest.  The scenery was beautiful, with a small pond covered in flowers and lily pads, but we couldn’t quite make sense of the trails.  We let my daughter choose the way as I made mental notes of how to find our way back.  The trails kept going and going, branching into different directions with no markers or sense of what was to come so we eventually turned around and made our way back.  We did see a frog and a dragonfly along the way though which was very exciting for the kids.

The park also had basketball courts, a large field, and a swimming pool which you can buy either a season membership for or a daily family pass.  All in all, a really nice place to hang out for awhile.  From there, you can actually walk to “An Unlikely story” and grab a bite to eat or sit down for some coffee or a cold beer.

Things to note:

  • The pool seemed to have bathrooms but was not open until the afternoon
  • Many spots with picnic tables in the shade to have a snack/lunch

How to get there:

142 South Street

Plainville, MA

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