New Pond aka Easton Dam – Easton, MA

I’m always trying to figure out new ways to get things done with two kids in tow.  Our latest  discovery?  New Pond!   I dragged the kids to Target to pick up some supplies for our new kitten and as they were dancing in the backseat, singing at the top of their lungs, I decided that maybe we should get a little energy out and fresh air before our errands.  We’ve passed this place many times before and I’ve always wanted to stop and check it out, so today we did.

It’s basically just a large strip of grass high above a pond and main road.  There was an old couple fishing, a woman running her dog back and forth and some others stopping for a bite at one of the picnic tables.  The pond itself was beautiful and I tortured the kids taking a few photos before we fully explored.  My daughter loved seeing the lily pads floating on the pond with the large flowers on top.  She also picked flowers along the way as we used the grass as a runway, racing the cars below us.  Towards the middle of the grass runway, there was a wooden bridge with a waterfall/dam below. We’re told its a popular place to take kids fishing and you can catch a variety of fish here near the Dam.

We parked in a small parking lot which also had a trail into the forest.  We didn’t venture much further in but had a great time for that half hour before sitting in a Target shopping cart.  Maybe we will come back to fish sometime!


How to get there:

Foundry Street (just a few blocks from the Target)

Easton, MA

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