Greene’s Field Playground – Needham, MA

A friend of mine has been telling me about this playground behind the Walgreens in Needham center for awhile now.  I decided this past weekend would be a great time to check it out with my daughter and a friend.  We pulled up to a beautifully done, brand new playground with a nature theme. Instead of ladders to climb up the structures, they had fake trees.  Instead of balance beams, they had fake logs.  The benches were all made to look like fallen logs and there was even a hollowed log to climb through.

My daughter immediately loved the look of the playground and started testing everything out.  Everything from giant slides, a merry go round, bridge, hammock type swing, spiderweb, balance beam, swings, etc.  They even had this really cool swing that I have never seen before that bends as you swing, allowing you to go twice as high.  I have to admit, I gave it a go myself and got a bit scared shaking the post back and forth, but my daughter thought it was the greatest thing ever.

There is a nice section of shade to cool down in and several benches and picnic tables for parents.  There is also a free library with children’s books as you enter.  Basically, you can take one and leave one for someone else.  Such a cute idea!

Next door there were basketball courts and a large field with dogs running around.  All in all, a beautiful place to spend an afternoon.  After the playground, we walked through Needham center, did a little shopping, played in the center park, grabbed some dinner and had some ice cream.  Made for a really fun day out with my daughter!

Few things to note:

  • No bathrooms at playground but plenty of places to walk to nearby to use a restroom
  • Free on street parking

How to get there:

Pickering St, Needham, MA 02492


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