CN Smith Farm – E. Bridgewater, MA

My son loves animals so I am always looking for new places to take him to visit some furry friends.  I had heard about CN Smith Farm before, but thought it was just a place for apple picking so didn’t think much to visit during the summer.  I recently became aware that they had much more than apple picking and decided to go for a drive and check it out.

We first headed over to check out the goats and their babies.  My son had a blast walking around talking to all of the goats in the pen.  They had a large blue exercise ball that they were playing with as well.  From there, we went over to see the chickens and roosters.  They were housed in a variety of different coops and the roosters certainly had a lot to say.  Not sure if one escaped or if he’s allowed to roam, but we had fun chasing the rogue rooster throughout the farm as well.  The rooster took us towards the horses.  There were various signs and ropes instructing that the horses were not open to the public so we waved from afar and went on our way.  From there, we headed towards where we heard there were bunnies.

Before we got to the bunnies, we happened to peak into one of the barns and saw a bunch of kids standing around. My son and I took a few steps in and I swear I saw his mouth drop.  A fully functional toy choo choo train rode on its track in an oval around a fantasy land of fairy houses and gnomes.  It really was quite the sight to see.  My son was amazed both by the train, which I swear we spent probably an hour watching in the 100 degrees of the greenhouse/barn, as well as the little fairy houses and villages.  There was also a farm store connected to this room where they sold various picked fruits, vegetables, flowers, homemade jams and such.  Many parents bribed their kids with little 25 cent flavored honey sticks to leave the train room. Not a bad idea!  I managed to bribe with bunnies.

So off we went to see the bunnies in the Garden Center.  We inquired about the pick your own schedule and learned that they currently (Aug) had Pick Your Own Raspberries, Blueberries and Peaches.  Other times of the year, they have pick your own apples, and pumpkins.

Besides the kid friendly aspect of the farm, it’s also an amazing place to find items for your garden, landscaping, etc.  They have some really neat handmade wooden houses, metal statues and flower arrangements as well.

Few things to note:

  • They had porta potties for anyone having a bathroom emergency
  • Call ahead for the fruit picking schedule – changes irregularly
  • They have large minimums of fruit you need to pick

How to get there:

325 South St, East Bridgewater, MA 02333
(508) 378-2270


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