The Elephant Pants

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I love elephants.  I collect elephants.  I buy clothes with elephants on it for me, for my son, for my daughter, for other people.  I dream about elephants.  I made friends with and went swimming with a sweet baby elephant in Phuket, Thailand while visiting with my family.  Yes that part was real, not part of the dream.  I’m superstitious that if an elephant’s trunk is up, it means it is lucky (and therefore I must buy it.)  I even made it onto a TV gameshow telling them the fun fact about my elephant collection and then displayed it for the TV world to see.  I am obsessed!

SO you can IMAGINE my excitement when a friend of mine showed up to my son’s music class the other day with Elephant Pants on! (Thanks Heidi!) She then proceeded to tell me all about her elephant pants and how they help save the elephants by donating $1 or $2 from every item they sell to the African Wildlife Foundation.  It all supports the Say No Campaign which is a public awareness campaign aimed at stopping the demand for illegal wildlife products, specifically ivory and rhino horn.  Each pair of pants is inspired by a real elephant whose stories can be found on the website.

And better yet!?!? They are the cutest, most comfortable and affordable pants I own!  You can dress them up with a nice black shirt and heels for work, dress them down with a tank for yoga, or even wear them to bed.

Grab a pair of your own – trust me, you will thank me (and Heidi!)  Help save the elephants!

For an extra 15% off, you can use my personal discount code at checkout “lisae”



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