Marathon Park – Bridgewater, MA

A few people have been telling us about a gigantic playground in Bridgewater and boy were they right! As we pulled into the parking lot, we were all a bit overwhelmed/excited about the sight in front of us.  A giant playground with multiple structures for all ages as far as the eye can see.  They had enough swings for an entire soccer team, a section of musical instruments, a giant sandbox with diggers, a rock wall, and climbing structures and slides galore. For parents, there is free parking and a shady area with picnic tables in the middle to take a break from the sun.

The kids had a blast checking out all of the new stuff.  You could literally spend hours there, there is so much to do.  However, I must note that there are no bathrooms/porta potties and absolutely no shade/trees around the actual play structures.  While it was a really neat place, we will be waiting for the Fall before visiting again.

How to get there:

Crescent St, Bridgewater, MA

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