Ellis Garden Playground – Norwood, MA

It’s summer, which means I have two kids with me many days, all day. This poses a bit of a problem when I need to run errands, but my kids have a very different idea of what the morning will bring.  Lucky for us, I have figured out a way to be supermom and do it all!  Here’s the secret!  I find that driving up and down Route 1, I can find most things I need.  Whether its a trip to Party City, Old Navy, Legacy Place, Staples, Carter’s, Children’s Place, Stride Rite, Walmart, ToysRUs, Starbucks; Route 1 is the mecca of all mom needs.

So the other day, after I dragged my kids with me to run  a few errands, they started complaining they were bored.  I quickly googled nearby playgrounds and found a cute little playground 2 mins off of Route 1.  So we made a detour for the kids, ran around, got out some energy, played for an hour, and then got back in the car hot and tired, ready to sit in the stroller for a few more errands.  Mom Score!

Now the playground is small and not as cool as a lot of the other new ones out there. But! It was newish, clean, safe and fun!  Better yet – its right off Route 1!  See how I made that rhyme?  Great stopover for the errand boredom!

Few things to note:

  • Yay for a porta potty!
  • Big open fields to run around
  • Free parking lot
  • Fenced in playground/park area

How to get there:

Codman Road

Norwood, MA

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