Walter Griffin Playground – Sharon, MA

Walter Griffin Playground, also known as Ames St Playground and Pirate Ship Park is the megaplex of all playgrounds.  Upon entering, kids are not quite sure what to do first.  Whether its climbing the giant red dragon, exploring the wooden pirate ship, or checking out whats inside the various blue train cars – this playground is never a bore.  A climbing/sliding structure for toddlers sits next to the pirate ship while a larger play structure for bigger kids sits down on the other end.  In between you can find see saws, monkey bars, rocking animals, musical structures, swings and more.  Lots of sand covers the entire space giving kids a chance to dig wherever.  You’ll also find a host of cars, bikes, and trucks left by people for you to use.

The playground is fenced off to the street with two entrances on either side.  The other side of the playground consists of large open baseball and soccer fields.  Conveniently, in the summer time, there are even bathrooms open for your use as well as water fountains.  I frequently come here with my two kids as my daughter is pretty independent.  While its an amazing place to spend an afternoon, be aware that its quite expansive and can become difficult to watch more than one child at a time.  On the up side, the people here are very friendly and I’ve made quite a few friends, as have my children.

Few things to note:

  • There are several picnic tables incase you want to bring a lunch

How to get there:

Ames Street

Sharon, MA

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