Mini Athletes – Norwood, MA

A friend of mine has been telling me about Mini Athletes for a while now (Thanks Ally!)  We finally got a chance to check it out today at her son’s birthday party and what a place it is!  It’s actually in a sports performance gym setting that also has a large indoor field for kids to run around on. Classes are for kids ages 2-6 and take kids off the couch and onto the playing field.  Kids are encouraged to take part in a variety of warm-up activities; running using cones, hurdles, ladders. running forward, back, side shuffles, high skips, hopping, red light/green light, butt kicks, high knees, and then introduced to the sport of the day.  Towards the end they play dodge ball with large exercise ball, relay race, etc.

They have multiple options for classes, including the traditional sports class, basketball, turf hockey and a parent drop off program.  They even offer an adult cross training class you can register for while your kid participates in their sports class.  How cool is that?

The birthday party was a lot of fun too! The staff was great and had the kids running around doing obstacle courses, playing games and providing non stop fun!  After an hour of organized games/play,  the kids were given hand sanitizer and brought to the party room for pizza and cake.

I’ll definitely be checking out the classes come September.  They offer semester sign ups, as well as drop in play.  Seems like a perfect outlet for kids with lots of energy over the winter.

How to get there:

Mini Athletes
290 Vanderbilt Avenue
Norwood, MA 02062

(781) 352-2494

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