NRT Sheep Pasture – Easton, MA

The sheep pasture is a great way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.  It’s open dawn to dusk, seven days a week, free of charge.  Upon driving in, you will see a large pen of animals and a barn on your left.  After parking further into the park, walk on back and visit the cow, sheep and goats.  You can then follow your way along the road back into the park to see and feed the chickens.  When you’ve had your fill of animals, check out one of their many hiking trails.  They have nicely manicured trails or more wooded trails to choose from and maps posted to show you around.

I especially love taking photos down one of the trails where a small dock protrudes out into a pond.  The setting is really quite beautiful.

My kids especially love checking out what we call “the castle walls.”  I’m not sure exactly what it used to be but there is a large stone foundation towards the upper right of the park which is the perfect place for a picnic or bird watching.  The kids love to climb the walls and run through the open fields and pick flowers.  There are also some neat trees to climb and a large rock with a tree growing out of it to check out.

All in all, its a beautiful piece of nature to check out, have a picnic or take a hike.  They also have a few great events throughout the year to check out.

Few things to note:

  • Last time we were there, there was a porta potty for public use and a composting toilet was being built as well.
  • If you plan to hike, bring bug spray
  • Dogs are allowed!

How to get there:

307 Main Street

Easton, MA

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