Halloran Park – Stoughton, MA

We recently met some friends at a newly renovated park in Stoughton.  What used to be an old overgrown wood playground is now a brand new, airy, sun filled space perfect for little ones.  We pulled up and found plenty of parking spaces along the park.  After venturing down a smooth new walkway, we got to the playground with new rubber flooring and all.  The place consists of a standard play structure for climbing and sliding, two very long slides which are suggested for age 5+ , swings, a really neat merry go round like I remember from the old days and a bridge to balance across.  There is a wide open field, picnic tables, basketball courts and great walkways to take the kids for a walk or for the kids to bike around as well.

Theo had a blast, spending a good chunk of his time on the merry go round, giving us moms quite the workout.  He also decided he was old enough for the big slides and greatly enjoyed flying down them over and over again.  The playground was great for the 2-4 crowd but I’m not sure how long it can entertain an older child.  Maybe if you brought a bike with you?

All in all, a beautiful new place to visit.

How to get there:

Pierce Street

Stoughton, MA

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