Frothingham Memorial Park – Easton, MA

It seems like there is a wealth of new playgrounds out there these days.  It’s so nice to see when towns take care of their parks and update them for all to enjoy.  We have been continuing our playground hopping fun and headed on over to check out the new playground structures at Frothingham Park.

This playground is a bit different than others because there is not one large structure of fun but rather a whole bunch of seperate structures that sit on their own around the park.  A climbing wall, spiderweb net, spinning merry go round, monkey bars, slide, swings, see saw, rocking horses and a whole lot of other contraptions that we weren’t really sure how they worked.  There is also a large sandbox with trucks in the middle of the playground which is great for the younger crowd.

There are picnic tables and benches around and lots of trees for shade.  It’s set in a beautiful park area complete with basketball courts, tennis courts, a track and a baseball diamond.  Parking was pretty easy on the street and the entire park is fenced in for safety.

I found it a bit difficult to entertain my two year old as he could not do a lot of the newer equipment on his own but my almost five year old had a blast checking everything out.  With a helping hand (and lots of energy on my end lifting up, pushing, spinning, etc) we were able to do most of it though and I got quite the workout.  I guess there’s a plus side to everything!

Few things to note:

  • Playground is mostly wood chips so I wouldn’t advise sandals for fear of splinters.

How to get there:

Park Street

Easton, MA


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