Home Depot Kid’s Workshop – Various locations


On the first Saturday of each month, Home Depot opens it’s doors for a free kid’s workshop.  They set up a few tables up front, provide aprons for the kids, hammers, nails and whatever else they might need and the kids are put to work.  This time around, our kids were given the task of building a sled.  This was quite exciting for my crew as it meant giving our stuffed bears and dolls a wear to be dragged through the house.  Equally exciting, however, is the fact that we allow the kids to swing a hammer.

I generally stand there cringing as my two year old wields the hammer about, just praying that he doesn’t drop it on his toes but I know it’s important to give him the opportunity to try to build something himself.  My 4 year old daughter on the other hand has become quite skilled with the hammer and can put these wooden projects together all on her own, in no time at all.  I love giving her a chance to build something on her own and feel the accomplishment.  After lots of loud hammering and wood glue, we head on over to the paint station to complete our project.  The kids put their finishing touches on their sled and we head to the back of the store to wash up.

Before heading out, the kids stop by the workshop check-in for their certificate of completion and pin.  There were quite a few kids there who came in with well loved aprons adorned with pins galore. They must be regulars…

How to get there:

1415 Boston Providence Hwy
Norwood, MA
(781) 762-9270

60 Stockwell Drive
Avon, MA
(508) 580-0600

390 West Street, Mansfield, MA 02048
(508) 337-2050


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