Children’s World Playground – Canton, MA

Right in time for school vacation week opens a new indoor playground.  Children’s World is a nice, clean space with lots for little ones to do.  There are two inflatables in the room – one a standard bouncy house and the other a bouncy house with two slides.  There is also a large twisty slide and two other smaller climbing structures in the play area.  Kids on tricycles, scooters, roller coasters and cozy coupes roll through the area while others play in the small playhouse. on the rocking horse or at the train table.  There is a corner for babies to play, complete with a couch for parents to sit and feed their babies.

It says on their website that it is for children ages 3 months – 10 years but I would definitely say it skews towards the younger crowd.  My almost 2 year old had a blast as well as my 4.5 year old but I’m not sure how much longer it will capture my 4.5 year olds interest.  They allow you to bring your own snacks which is nice and they provide a small table/chair area for re-energizing.  They also have WiFi and refreshments for the parents if you need to get something done.

It’s a bit hard to find at the moment because there is no sign but if you gps the address and head all the way to the back of the warehouse, you’ll see the door.  You can see DL Cabinetry from the street.  All in all, its a great place to take the little ones on a cold or rainy day to get some energy out.

How to get there:

465 Turnpike Street
Canton, MA 02021

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  1. Lk Reply

    I really dislike this place. As I was leaving to take my boy to the car for a potty break, they told me would have to pay to get back in. Also there were broken toys with sharp ends. Definitely not going back.


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