New toys are invented daily and it seems as though kids always have to have the next big thing.  So when at the age of 2.5, my daughter started asking me for MagnaTiles, I was very reluctant to jump on the bandwagon. ESPECIALLY after learning of their high cost.  However, over and over again, she would talk of these magnetic tiles.  They had some at school, a few of her friends had them, the local toy store had some samples out and she was always drawn to them.  So for her 3rd birthday, we asked grandma to take the plunge and buy a set.  I have to say that this is one of the all time best toys she has ever had.

She immediately knew how to use them and started using her imagination to build all sorts of things.  Each time, I asked her, “what are you building?” and she gave me a full answer and tour of the building.  She has built pet condos for her little animals, an animal hospital for some larger animals that weren’t feeling well, a tower for her princesses, a garage for my son’s toy truck, a flagpole, a school, a house, a carpet, a gift box, etc… She then uses other items from around the house to furnish the house or hospital and such.  It’s really quite amazing to watch her little mind at work.

I once sat down with her and started to fiddle around on my own but couldn’t come up with anything to build except for a box! Yet every day she is making something new in a new way!

Equally as amazing is the fact that my 21 month old son is obsessed with them.  At first, it started with my daughter building something and then giving him the go ahead to crush it like Godzilla.  But this evening, my normally high energy bouncing off the wall monkey sat down in front of the box of MagnaTiles (his older sister was already in bed so he had them all to himself) and started to build a tower.  He stacked each tile on top of each other one by one until he ran out of tiles.  Every now and then the tower would fall and he calmly started all over again.  I have NEVER seen him sit still with a toy for more than 2 mins and he sat in front of these MagnaTiles for 70 mins tonight relentlessly building his tower.  Each time I asked him if he was ready for bed, he shook his head, saying “no no”, pointing to his tower with pride. As if saying, “look mom, can’t you see I’m working on something?”  I eventually had to pull him away from it but will be purchasing another set just for him in the near future!

I know MagnaTiles are expensive but if you were to splurge on just one toy this year,  you won’t regret it.  I know there are other imitations out there as well, but after reading many reviews still think that the original leads the way.  I can see these toys growing with us even as the kids get older.  Give them a shot!

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