There is something magical about Christmas lights in the night.  And what could be better than more than 400,000 lights illuminating over 10 acres of land?  My daughter is obsessed with Christmas lights so we thought we would show her a good display.  In fact, her very first sentence was “mo ights.”  La Salette offers an opportunity to stroll their property free of charge and take in the beauty of it all.  Even better? They have a live donkey there named Clopper amongst the lights.  Apparently he is the “Christmas donkey” – Im not very up to date on my Christmas knowledge but maybe a donkey fits in there somewhere?  There’s also a beautiful pond to walk around and see the lights reflecting on as well as an opportunity to go inside to warm up.

Inside, they have concerts almost daily and some random bites to eat.  I hear they even have a Smore’s fire pit this year but have yet to verify this myself! (stay tuned! MMMmmm)

Definitely a great way to spend a cold evening with the kids!  It sure beats paying an arm and a leg at some other places or waiting in a long line of cars for two hours at a drive through light display…

How to get there:

947 Park St. (Route 118),
Attleboro. MA


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