Kidz Wurld – N. Attleboro, MA

Indoor, Birthday Party

Kidz Wurld is my kid’s favorite of all the indoor playspaces (and mine too!)   A clean, safe, fun place for kids to play as the weather gets cold – what more could a mom want?  This became our go to place for days that my daughter didn’t have school (but were not school vacation days.)  I started bringing my daughter here when she was 2 and she still loves it at the age of 4.5! Really, it’s great for all ages! When my son was born, I wanted to be sure that his sister still got to have fun and experience life as she knew it.  We started coming here on days off and I found it so easy to watch two kids without going insane! My daughter being a social butterfly immediately went and made some new friends, running back and forth between the different play structures and I sat with my son in the separate baby section keeping an eye on her.  He had a blast in the jumper, played with some of the baby toys, the train table, the baby slide, and watched the big kids go wild.

For the older kids, they have a few large inflatable structures and an indoor playground contraption to climb, slide, etc…  They also have little roller coasters, balls to bounce on, and other things to crawl in and climb on.  Now that my son is a little older (1.5 yrs), he can do a lot of the stuff as well.  To add to the excitement, they have two little animals in cages that live there that the kids are allowed to visit and pet.

They offer snacks, lunch, beverages and free Wifi.  They also have really great birthday parties!

Few things to note:

  • Kids must wear socks
  • No outside food is allowed
  • No strollers are allowed
  • You can buy a 10 visit pass which saves you some $
  • There are a few arcade games and rides that take quarters
  • As a stay at home mom, its pretty calm and quiet during the week/esp morning.  We’ve also been there on the weekend and it tends to get pretty busy/crazy.

How to get there:

11 Robert Toner Blvd, North Attleborough, MA 02763

Img_6590 Img_6601

(508) 695-1674

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