The Enchanted Village – Jordan’s Furniture – Avon, MA

If you’re new to the area, you may not know that Jordan’s Furniture stores are always a mecca of family fun.  We are fortunate to have one right here in Avon that seems to specialize in holiday fun.  The Enchanted Village is a long standing Boston tradition that dates back to the 1960s.  Fortunately, after having no home for the village for many years, Jordan’s Furniture bought the village and brings it back to life every holiday season in Avon.

My daughter looks forward to visiting the village every year and doesnt quite understand why sometimes we visit the furniture store to actually buy furniture, yet sometimes we visit to have fun.  They turn the village into quite the experience these days.  Typically, Santa and a giant snowman stand near the long line mingling with children.  You then are asked to take a professional photo before entering the village, which of course they try to sell you later.  Cant blame them, right?  The village itself is small and doesn’t take too long to get through.  It’s literally a Victorian era village with some slow moving pieces giving you a glimpse of life in yesteryear.  We walk slowly, taking in all the sites.  More importantly. it “snows” every few minutes inside which is my daughter’s favorite part.  I believe the snow is merely soap bubbles being blasted from the ceiling but still quite exciting for the little ones.  We typically stand in the room for a half hour just waiting for it to snow.  (Yes my friends, I have a lot of time on my hands)

Once you get through the village, there is a myriad of other fun things to do.  Everything from ice skating to a laser light show to a motion odyssey movie (Polar Express in 4D) and more! They also sell the famous Jordan’s Marsh blueberry muffins during the holidays to go along with the Enchanted Village.  Definitely worth buying a box to try!

Few things to note:

  • Once you exit the village, you then have to walk through the ENTIRE furniture store to get back out so be prepared.
  • The line on the weekends is insanity.  During the week, its pretty quiet – try going then if you’re able.
  • Santa isnt always there. Check the website for when he visits
  • It’s free!

How to get there:

100 Stockwell Drive
Avon, MA 02322

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