Nagoya Sushi Inc – Stoughton, MA

I have a confession. I’m addicted to sushi.  As in, I could eat it every day of my life if given the choice.  I also have gone out of my way to sample every sushi restaurant within a 20 mile radius of our house.   A few months ago, I noticed a new sign pop up for a sushi restaurant in Stoughton.  I continually stalked this new location, waiting to see when it would open it’s doors and see how it compared to the rest.

As a side note, we used to live in Brookline where I was sad to leave because I would be leaving my favorite go to sushi place (Super Fusion.)  I visited at least a few times a week for many years and in fact, my husband even proposed with sushi from there.  This was also one of the first foods I ate after having my daughter.  It was like none other!

Back to Nagoya…From the outside, it’s not much to look at and if I didnt go out of my way to ensure I knew all the sushi in and around town, I probably would not have entered.  Once inside, it has a modern yet casual vibe with a few tables and sushi bar.  The owner greeted us at the door and was very friendly.  The menus are laminated and you’re instructed to circle what you’d like with a marker.  (strangely similar to Super Fusion)  I also noticed that Nagoya had a lot of the same names for their maki and when the sushi came out and I took that first bite, I knew I found my new go to place.

I kept telling my husband (very excitedly) that it tasted just like my place in Brookline.  I was in heaven!  Because it’s a small new restaurant, I had the opportunity to talk with the owner and sushi chefs.  After just a few minutes, I found out that they all had worked at Super Fusion and came down to Stoughton to start a place of their own! As in, the man who made my sushi was the SAME MAN that made my sushi 10 years ago in Brookline!!

Needless to say, I’ve been back many times since.  They are pretty kid friendly as well since it’s so small and casual.  My daughter had fun drawing all over the menu and we let my 1.5 year old son just walk around.  Their non sushi dishes are not as plentiful (Sorry hubby, beef teriyaki yet again) but if you’re a sushi fan, check out Nagoya for some of the best sushi south of Boston (and tell them Lisa sent you!)

 How to get there:

811 Washington St, Stoughton, MA 02072
(781) 436-5257

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