Piezoni’s Pizza – Stoughton, Walpole, Easton, MA

I’m from a small town right outside of Utica, NY.  For those of you who don’t know, Utica, NY used to be known as “sin city” because of the large presence of the Italian mafia.  Rumor has it, the mafia did their business 5 hours south in NYC and kept their wives and children safe in the small town of Utica.  Because of this, Utica has an extremely large Italian population and also some of the best Italian food and pizza around.

I grew up eating Utica pizza, which is very often a thick chewy dough similar to how they make it in Sicily.  Tony’s pizza long became a family favorite and as I grew up and traveled, I was surprised to find that no other pizza was anything like it.  Imagine my surprise, when 32 years later my family and I head into a random pizzeria near the Target in Easton and discover pizza like back home.  Piezoni’s pizza is like no other pizza from around here.  It’s not Chicago style, its not NY style, it’s not Greek like so many other gross ones around here, if I had to place it in a box, Id say its “Utica style.”  Thick doughy deliciousness!

Give it a try and see what you think!!

Few things to note:

  • they offer gluten free and multi grain crusts as well

How to get there:

25 Robert Drive (Highland Plaza), Easton, MA

839 Park Street, Stoughton, MA

555 Providence Hwy., Walpole, MA


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