Messinger Playground – Canton, MA


Our town has an amazing and very large playground in the center of town that everyone seems to meet at. But, every now and then, the kids get bored there and ask to go somewhere new.  It’s also so large that it’s hard to keep track of more than one child at a time.  Over the summer, we hit up a lot of the elementary school playgrounds but now that school has begun, we needed to find a new place to hang.

Messinger Street Playground is a great spot for the kids to get out some energy and also provide some new things to try. It has two standard playground structures, one for older kids and one for toddlers.  There is also a lot of swings for all ages, a ball field, and a black paved space where kids bike, play hockey, and skateboard.

My daughter really loves the large rock wall here as well as the three slides to race down.  They also have a large twisty slide that goes pretty fast that she enjoys.  My son plays on the smaller equipment and can do most of it himself which is so refreshing.  The slides on that side are nice and slow and the structure is pretty low to the ground. And I like not to have to run from side to side chasing both kids.  We typically stop in for an hour to kill some time and then are on our way.

How to get there:

Messinger St, Canton, MA

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