CoPilot Taxi Bicycle Child Seat (Amazon)

My husband and I love to go biking.   When my daughter was born four years ago, I researched bike seats extensively to find one that would be safe, easy to use and comfortable for my daughter.  We waited until she was at least 6 months and had good head control before plunking her in the back of the bike.  Being a clutz and a bit unsteady myself, I gave the task to my husband to transport our precious cargo.

The seats were pretty easy to install on the bikes.  My husband happened to already have the Blackburn EX 1 Expedition Standard Rack that you need to attach it to on his bike so it was simply a quick slide and snap on.  We bought a second rack for my bike incase I wanted to go for a ride during the week.  It’s pretty easy to switch from bike to bike once this rack is installed.  The hardest part was finding a helmet small enough for my lil girl’s head.

I wasn’t quite sure what my daughter would think once we were on our way but she loved it!  We eventually started a tradition of biking to the elementary school and stopping at the playground before heading back.  When my son was born, we bought a second seat, got him set up with a helmet and now we look like the Brady Bunch riding around the neighborhood.  Although, we’re not to be outdone by our neighbors across the street with the bicycle built for two (no joke.)

What I like:

  • cushioned seat for the kids
  • over the head, full body seat belt
  • safety bar in front of child
  • extra high sides to protect their little heads
  • straps to secure their ankles so they don’t get in your way while biking

If I have to be honest, I’ll admit it.  I dropped my daughter.  When my daughter was 3, her and I went for a ride.  We were stopped on the driveway as I was fixing something on the bike and she was already in her seat, with helmet on, safely secured.  The bike completely fell on its side, I screamed and my daughter just sat there – unfazed, safely protected in her seat and helmet.  Ever since that day, I trust this product fully.


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