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This place never ceases to amaze me.  We were first introduced to Camp Maplewood by attending one of the numerous Open Houses last winter.  (That is, if you don’t count my husband attending as a child and being a lifeguard there) The Open Houses are quite often and basically a free day of fun for the kids.  My daughter became obsessed with their gymnastics room and asked every day after if we could go to that “gymnastics place” again.  They also had baby animals to hold, a bouncy house, a reptile guy, face painting and a multitude of other fun things going on.  I learned that they had year round classes for kids and hoped to sign my daughter up for gymnastics there.  Unfortunately, the timing didn’t work out for us so instead we attended Open House after Open House so that she could get her fix.  Each time we went, I was constantly amazed at what they pulled out of their hats.  Pony rides, hay rides, boating, peddle cars, rock climbing, etc…

After reviewing a few other places, we decided that our daughter would spend the summer here as well.  At the age of 4, it was her very first summer camp experience. They even take them at 3 if need be!  I laugh because at this age not only did I not go to a summer camp, but when I eventually did a few years later it consisted of a picnic table with arts and crafts at the Elementary School playground. Needless to say, she had a blast this past summer! I even asked the staff if I could stay. And as always, they were constantly pulling out the stops – tie dye days, pony rides, carnival days, lego sculptures, etc… Best of all? She rode a school bus that dropped her off in our neighborhood, taught her the initial basics of swimming and offered a half day afternoon option (11:30-4:00.)  This all made for one very happy mama.

We also had my daughter’s birthday party there. It was by far the easiest and best party we’ve done this far.  And that tops hiring Belle from Beauty and the Beast to visit our backyard extravaganza.  I didn’t have to worry if it was a beautiful day or rainy day because they had a rain plan that they could implement the night before.  We did gymnastics, bouncy houses, reptile guy and boating.  The staff were there every step of the way decorating the room, setting up lunch, ensuring the kids were safe and having a blast and making my little one feel special.  They even had staff rowing the row boats filled with kids! At the end of the two hours of non stop fun, they cleaned the room and packed up our cars for us.

I’m now looking into one of their year round children’s classes for my little guy.  They have art, music, gymnastics, and sports.

I don’t have enough good things to say about this place! Check them out when the Open Houses start! Take a look at their classes, plan your kid’s next birthday there or sign them up for an awesome summer! You won’t regret it.

How to get there:

150 Foundry St, South Easton, MA 02375
(508) 238-2387

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