Winslow Farms Animal Sanctuary – Norton, MA

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This place is truly a treasure.  It is a non profit animal rescue for abandoned and mistreated animals.  The best part? They let you come in for a small donation to interact with all of their over 200 animals.  You enter through a gate and you are immediately surrounded by animals of all kind.  Dogs, cats, goats, pigs, sheep, chickens. They all live together in peace and harmony and come right up to you to say hello.  If you find a volunteer to let you into the larger gated area, you can also visit Llama, Alpaca, donkeys, horses and other friends.  It’s a natural, rustic, loving piece of animal heaven.  They even have a playground on the grounds!

We’ve been there numerous times now.  They often have interesting fundraising events as well. Last time we visited, the kids took part in a really fun Easter egg hunt (and we don’t even celebrate Easter!)

How to get there:

37 Eddy St, Norton, MA 02766
(508) 285-6451

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