Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm – Millis, MA


Recently, a friend started posting photos of fields of beautiful sunflowers all over her Facebook page. I figured she must be in some far off location, enjoying a well deserved vacation. I happened to ask her out of curiosity where she was and was shocked to hear that this treasure was right in our backyard, just a short drive away in Millis, MA. Who knew?!

I wasn’t sure how long sunflowers bloomed for so immediately set out to see this sight for myself. That very next weekend, we packed up the kids and headed out to Tangerini’s Farm. It is a very unassuming farm at the end of a long residential road. We headed out back to the sunflower fields and were pleasantly surprised to come across a fenced in yard with goats and chickens. There were even chickens just walking around the property which my son insisted on chasing. There was also a neat little hay maze for the little ones, a sandbox and some ride on toys. We were told by another family that flashlights could be borrowed from the farm store to check out the dark maze and soon found myself a bit claustrophobic, crawling through a dark hay maze with two 4 year olds. Luckily, they were kind enough to wait for a scared ol’ mom and we made it! Phew!

We were also told to grab a pair of scissors from the farm store and headed out to the sunflower field. It was magnificent! Sunflowers as far as your eye could see, towering above your head. We strolled through the field and each picked our favorite to cut down before heading on our way. My husband of course had to find the biggest sunflower in the field which was far too heavy to enjoy in a vase with the others. Take note – the smaller the better so they don’t topple over! Now, I just need to google a tutorial on how to make sunflower seeds.

They also have apple picking from small dwarf trees in the Fall and a cute little cafe and ice cream store.  The menu is slim pickings but the Coconut Candy Bar Ice cream was amazing!

A few other notes about our trip!

  • There were bees on almost every sunflower in the field. This is not the place for a bee allergy.
  • There is also an ice cream store at the farm and small kitchen with a small selection of lunch foods.
  • We were told there was also pigs and cows on the property but did not venture out to see them.

How to get there:

139 Spring St, Millis, MA 02054
(508) 376-5024

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