Su Su Sushi – Stoughton, MA

All You Can Eat Sushi

It’s often overlooked, but along Washington Street in Stoughton is a little piece of sushi heaven.  Upon moving to the burbs, I did my homework and researched every sushi restaurant within 20 miles of us.  Being a sushi connoisseur, I then set out to visit each and rate them – mostly based on deliciousness. (Yes, very scientific) I found a few favorite “go to” places and was satisfied, a few of them even delivered!  Then Su Su Sushi opened and it was all over.

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of All You Can Eat sushi because you typically find it as a buffet.  In the buffet setting, the sushi is small, can get old, and just looks unappetizing.  Su Su Sushi is different.  You order off of a sheet of paper by checking what you’d like and in comes sushi till your heart’s content.  As part of the all you can eat price, you can also choose a large array of other dishes for salads, soups, appetizers, dessert, etc.  And you can keep ordering and ordering and ordering until you have to be rolled out of there.  It’s really quite the feast and best yet – the sushi is GOOD! SO GOOD! Mmmmm….

The other aspect of finding a good sushi restaurant is the fact that my husband doesn’t touch sushi or anything from the sea.  They also have a regular a la carte menu which according to him is really good.  So no fear if you have a date that doesn’t eat sushi – you should still check it out!  And even better, the kids love it there!

They have special pricing for kids and under a certain age is free.  While they do enjoy sushi, we usually order them things like beef teriyaki sticks, chicken or shrimp tempura.  They really have a lot of choices that my kids enjoy and at the end, we all get free ice cream and fried bananas!

Few things to note:

  • It’s a tad pricey but go on the weekday – prices are less on weekdays
  • They almost always get your order wrong.  No matter how much you order, they give you about 2/3 of what you checked off, making it necessary to reorder again and again. This gets very frustrating – I think its their way of ensuring you don’t over order.
  • Don’t over order! Rumor has it they will charge you for a lot of leftover sushi. I’ve never experienced this as I never let sushi go to waste!
  • It’s most fun to go in a group so that you can order a lot, share, and taste a few different things.
  • If you can get past that all, it’s smooth sailing!

How to get there:

408 Washington St, Stoughton, MA 02072

(781) 344-8998

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