Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary – Sharon, MA

Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary – Sharon, MA

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It was a beautiful weekend morning and we were trying to find a place to take a hike, get some fresh air and enjoy nature.  In comes Moose Hill.  My husband and I loaded up our toddler hiking backpack, some water bottles and snacks, and we were on our way.  To our surprise, our little guy (15 months old at the time), decided he wanted nothing to do with the backpack and that he was going to walk on his own.

We did the swamp boardwalk trail which takes you along a nice trail with  lots to see.  Wooden leantos, bird watching fields, and wildflowers kept the kids entertained as we continued on our way.  We stopped for a rest at a bench by the bird watching fields before continuing on to the Boardwalk over the swamp.  This is always the kids favorite part as it feels like one big bridge.

We carefully hovered over the little guy to ensure he didn’t fall into the swamp as our daughter ran ahead looking for frogs and turtles.  Both kids managed to walk the entire trail on their own which was a feat in and of itself!  My son even took an award winning nap after that one!

There are lots of other trails in the park as well. Maybe not as toddler friendly though. Last time we visited, we found ourselves in a forest of beautiful Pines.  We also attended a really neat Halloween prowl there in the dark.  Definitely a place to check out!

Few things to note:

  • Dogs are not allowed
  • Sharon residents are free; others pay a small entrance fee

How to get there:

293 Moose Hill Parkway
Sharon, MA 02067

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