Endurance Stainless Steel Drink Bent Straws (Set of 4) (Amazon)

Our kids love drinking out of straws.  In fact, both of them never quite mastered the infamous sippy cup, but rather went straight to the straw cup.  Now, at 4 years old, my daughter still loves drinking out of a straw.  Whether its homemade chocolate milk, just plain water or one of those yogurt smoothie drinks that both my kids are addicted to – they all necessitate a straw.  My daughter’s friends have also figured out that we are the “smoothie” house and upon entering declare they’re hungry.  My daughter immediately runs to the fridge to grab a yogurt smoothie to serve like the excellent hostess that she is.

Because of this, we go through a lot of smoothies straws!  I used to buy straws in bulk at Ikea but soon discovered these awesome metal straws.  They even look like bendy straws!  This means less waste, less cost, easier to pierce and they somehow make the drink taste colder and more delicious.  Ok maybe that part is in my head…

Regardless, we now own 8 of these and it’s been the best $10 I’ve spent in a long time.


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