Launch Trampoline Park – Norwood, MA

Launch Trampoline Park – Norwood, MA


Who doesn’t love bouncing on trampolines?  This place opened last year and we couldn’t wait to check it out.  At $15/hour for a jump for each of us though, I wasn’t running so fast.  Besides the fact that I envisioned a hoard of crazy teenagers literally bouncing off the walls into my precious babies.  But Launch thought of that! In comes, Toddler Time!!

For a mere $10, you get entrance for your toddler, free admission for a parent, and free admission for that baby brother of yours that gets dragged along to everything (as long as the baby isnt jumping too).  I took my daughter here as a special surprise for her 4th birthday and her eyes nearly bugged out of her head. She could not believe that a place like this existed.  For toddler time, they close down the entire trampoline park to anyone that is not 5 or under.  Toddlers literally take over. And best yet? Moms are allowed to jump too!

We went with some friends and Im not sure who had more fun – the kids or us.  My friend and I were those crazy teenagers literally bouncing off the walls.  Other benefits of toddler time? You get the foam pits all to yourself! No waiting in line to take one jump… Even my son had the time of his life.  At first, he was a bit unsure but before we could blink, he was off running from trampoline to trampoline.

I noticed while we were there that they had a kids court which gave me a little piece of mind if we ever wanted to come back during normal hours.  But for now, you cant beat Wed or Fri mornings at 10 am!

Few things to note:

  • Be sure to call ahead first. They often cancel toddler time for school vacations and holidays
  • Bring socks! Otherwise, they make you buy them
  • There’s a place to buy food if you’re interested

How to get there:

570 Boston Providence Hwy, Norwood, MA 02062


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