Imagination Station – Randolph, MA

Imagination Station – Randolph, MA

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It was a random Saturday and we were looking to take the kids somewhere new.  I somehow stumbled upon the Imagination Station playground online and decided it would be the perfect excursion for our morning activity.  It’s a random playground located next to a large ice rink, not really near anything else.  We parked in the ice rink parking lot and went to check it out.

While there were the normal slides and swings, monkey bars and stairs – this playground also had a few other features that made it pretty cool.  There is a music section, complete with chimes, drums, and large mallets to hit the various chimes with to make all the noise you can.  Besides the music, there were also other unique play features like a balance log, wooden plank bridge, and really really long slide.

To top it all off, there’s a splash pad! This is by no means a state of the art splash pad like you might see in other towns but it did the trick of cooling off the kids and provided a nice break from the heat of the playground.  Quite honestly, my daughter is happy running through the spray of a garden hose so this was definitely a step up!  Was a fun little place to get us out of the standard playground rut.

How to get there:

Pleasant Street, Randolph, MA (near the Zapustas Ice Arena – you park there)


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