Ikea – Avon, MA

Ikea – Avon, MA

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Ikea Ikea Ikea. What’s not to love? It’s one of those places that I could just aimlessly wander for hours and not need a single thing.  No, not because I got lost in their maze, but rather that I just can’t get enough of their Vandercopons or Expiddileos.  But besides the fact that I go in needing nothing and come out with an entire carload to re organize my dog’s closet, I love them for so many other reasons.

First, lets start with Kids Eat Free Tuesdays.  So it’s the dead of winter and you’re home with the kids and just don’t know what to do next.  Head to Ikea! First, go on upstairs and get yourself a nifty kids meal for free, then go back down and check your potty trained child into the Ikea Playworld.  Yes, that’s right friends.  You can drop your child off for free and let them play in a world of ballpits, movies, coloring and fun.  Grab your nifty buzzer for when its time to pick up your kid and go back upstairs to go wander the aisles aimlessly or sit back, relax and read a book (kid free!)  Either way, it’s a win win for all!

Although, looking back on the situation, that little piece of free babysitting just cost us $30 in storage bins and Shleferhosen that we didn’t need so maybe it wasn’t so free afterall?! Nah…totally worth it!

Few things to note:

  • you have to be potty trained to go into the playspace
  • they give you more time at the playsapce on the weekdays than the weekends bc of the crowds

How to get there:

1 Ikea Way, Stoughton, MA 02072
(888) 888-4532


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