Crescent Ridge – Sharon, MA

Crescent Ridge – Sharon, MA

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Crescent Ridge Dairy Farm is a summer staple in our house.  Voted one of the top 10 best ice cream places in the world, it definitely lives up to its name!  My personal favorite? Their Smores ice cream and their frappes.

The great thing about crescent ridge is that it is simply more than a trip to the ice cream store.  After getting our ice cream, we typically head to the back to go look for the cows.  Either roaming in the fields next to the dairy stand or behind it, it gives you a feeling of peace and nostalgia – back to a day when you knew where your food came from.  They also have goats and ponies on the property for the kids enjoyment.  In fact, last time we were there one of the 4H girls brought one of the goats out for all of the kids to pet.  The kids and I usually set up a blanket on the grass and have a picnic with our ice cream cones.

Crescent Ridge seems to really be a staple of the community. Hosting movie nights and a weekly farmer’s market – it’s the place to be during the summer.

Few things to note:

  • There is no indoor seating, only outdoor picnic tables (they do have bathrooms though)
  • The kiddie size is quite large. We usually get one and ask for two cones and the kids share
  • Sprinkles are free!

How to get there:

407 Bay Road, Sharon, MA 02067

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