Bradley Lessa Memorial Playground – Stoughton, MA

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This is a great playground when you have two or more children to keep tabs on as it’s not too big, yet just big enough.  The playground is down an old country road (a bit hard to find), which leads you past a cow pasture.  Wave hello to the cows and keep heading down the road and you’ll find it.  While it’s a standard playground in some ways, it also has some fun twists to it that are exciting for the kids.  The firetruck play structure with slide is the favorite, hands down.  My daughter has a blast pretending she’s on a real fire truck role playing with her friends.  They also have one of the largest rock walls I’ve ever seen on a playground like this.  While it’s a bit tough for my little ones to do, the big kids seem to have a blast on it and it’s fun for my crew to try.

When the kids get tired of the playground, we grab a quick snack at the picnic tables and then head down the path on the Storywalk trail.  The playground is adjacent to town conservation land which makes it a beautiful place to spend the afternoon.


How to get there:

West Street, Stoughton, MA

(near Belvedere Rd)


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