Boston Harbor Islands – Hingham (and Boston), MA

Boston Harbor Islands – Hingham (and Boston), MA

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I’ve always loved the Boston Harbor Islands.  Visiting feels like you’re in another world, not right outside of Boston.  Living in Boston a few years back, it was so easy to catch the ferry and head on out.  I wanted to take my family to visit to experience the islands for themselves but just couldn’t muster up the strength to shlep into Boston, find parking, and then start our voyage.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that there was a fairy in Hingham that you could catch as well that would take you direct?  My friend and I decided to make it an adventure and take our kids.  I grabbed my double stroller, loaded up the diaper back and headed out to Hingham to catch the first ferry out.

The girls LOVED the boat ride to George’s Island.  We sat up on the top of the two story open air boat and watched as the island got closer and closer.  The boat was complete with a snack bar and bathrooms as well.  Once arriving at George’s Island, we set out to explore the old Fort there.  Our daughters thought that it was a castle and excitedly ran from room to room checking it all out. It’s a huge fort and they give you access to almost all of it.  It’s really quite neat.  We checked out the canyons as well and some of the spiral staircases and then headed over to the snack bar for some lunch.  After lunch, we watched the boats come in and out of the dock and waited for our ferry to come get us.

It felt like a little vacation, away from it all.  Definitely a must do at least once this summer!

Few things to note:

  • There are often free kid’s activities on the island if you visit the info booth.
  • There are many islands.  George’s is the main island but you can also take a ferry from George’s and check out some of the others.  Spectacle Island even has a beach.
  • George’s Island was very much stroller accessible (as long as you dont want to climb the spiral staircases)

How to get there:

30 Shipyard Drive
Hingham, MA 02043

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